Begin with a Complimentary Consultation with a Local Car Accident Attorney.

Engage directly with one of our expert auto accident lawyers to evaluate your situation. We’re here to answer all your questions about car accidents and insurance claims, and to outline your legal options, including the prospect of filing a lawsuit.
This initial consultation is entirely free and comes with no obligations. It’s an opportunity for you to assess the compatibility with the attorney and gauge the potential success of your case.
During your free consultation with a car accident lawyer, consider having or discussing the following:
  • Your Account: Detail the incident, including your destination, the accident’s circumstances, and specific locations, like “My accident occurred near Clark & Lincoln. I was northbound on Clark St near Lincoln Park and was hit while turning left onto Lincoln Ave.”
  • Expense Receipts: Keep track of receipts for any costs related to your accident. These can accumulate quickly and are crucial for your claim.
  • Insurance Information: Your attorney will need details of the involved insurance companies, the applicable coverage, and any communication or offers from them.
  • Police Report: The report from the Chicago Police Department or local municipal police will contain vital details like speed, road conditions, vehicle placement, and issued citations.
  • Photos, Videos, or Notes: Document the accident scene, vehicle damage, and your injuries through photos or videos. Notes about your injuries and medical treatments are also valuable.
  • Contact Information: Gather details about the other driver (name, contact info, employer, license plate number) and any potential witnesses.

Remember, this consultation is your chance to learn more about your legal standing and to ensure you have the right attorney to advocate for you.